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Simple library of collections and other tools to improve your application's threading behaviors.


What is it?

SimpleThreading is a set of classes to ease your multithreading.
There is a very simple ThreadBlock class to work with that allows you to get a result from each delegate call, unlike the ActionBlock Microsoft provides.

How do you use it?

SimpleThreading is a stand-alone library that you can use very easily. Simply import the NuGet package __GPS.SimpleThreading__ into your project.



    // Structure to write to on-the-fly.
    var results = new ConcurrentDictionary<string, int>();

    var block = new ThreadBlock<string, int>(
        // Lambda defining processing action per item
        item =>
            var result = 0;
            return int.TryParse(item, out result) ? result : 0;
        // Lambda defining processing action for end of batch
        results => 
            Debug.WriteLine($"Sum: {results.Where(r => r != null).Sum(r => r.result)}");
    // Add data to be processed.
    block.AddRange(new List<string>{ "1", "2", "3", "four", "5", "six", "7", "8", "nine", "10"});

    // Lock the list, preventing data from being added during processing.

    // Execute the batch
        // Max Degree of Parallelism
        // Warmup code for the item.  Executed before the 
        // main lambda.
        (item) => Debug.WriteLine($"Processing {item}.")
        // Continuation code per item.
        (item, result) =>
            results.Add(item, result);

    // Display completed results
        r => Console.Debug($"{r.Key} - {r.Value}"));

Where can I get it?

SimpleThreading is available on for easy inclusion in your .Net application from within Visual Studio. Simply open the Package Manager Console and type:

install-package GPS.SimpleThreading

Alternatively, you may download the package from GitHub.

Where can I get help?

You can log and track issues on GitHub or you can send an email to The Sharp Ninja.

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